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This is the landing page for information about the cognomen (byname, family name, last name, surname) Molby (Mølby in Danish) (see the About page at the Blog)

In addition this will be central station and launch point for future projects as well.

NOTE: This page is also the landing page for several web sites including:

  • These sites will eventually be migrated to their own hosting servers as I put them into service for their intended task.

    Flag Counter


    Aopologies everyone. I have been extremely busy lately and have not been able to dedicate much time to this site... yet again!!!

    Life got the better of me and I missed renewing my domain and hosting, so was offline for a week!

    All back and working, so hope I didn’t mess you up too bad.


    I have been extremely busy lately and have not been able to dedicate much time to this site..

    I fixed some issues with ads and page layout, especially on the blog.

    I will try to get some more work done this weekend but family matter may prevent me from dooing so...


    Well, I have been busy with life needs, but I managed to get a bitcoin faucet added to the blog.

    I got this page updated in the navigation bar and I think all other pages will be okay.


    Alright. I think I have come up with a strategy on how to use my pastebin.

    I got the first quote of the day up. This way you can see what the pastebin looks like until I can tweak the template a bit more

    From there you can also click the NEW button and start pasting away. Have fun.

    I will be adding a few more ads to the pastebin to help finance the site, because I think in time the bandwidth will stat costing me a bit more than what I am paying now.


    Well, I am going to hold off pasting some thing to my paste bin, as I just realized that I cannot edit the pastes!

    Sooo... I will paste the things that do not need to change, and continue to use BitBin for the editable pastes.


    Alright, my AdSense block ads my not show up properly, apparently I do not have enough traffic on my site yet, so the ad unit got killed. Oh well...

    Also, the PasteBin is in fact working, so I will start pasting things to it.

    Being that it is an AES256 encrypted, private paste bin I will use BitBin and maybe Paste4BTC as my public index sites, but my content will live on this server.


    Just a quick update.

    Yesterday I got the PasteBin on this site working.

    I am still tweaking the style template to match the site, but the pastebin should be functional.

    I will attempt to start using it, and if it works, I will tranfer some of my work I have been doing on BitBin.


    I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts today and the host mentioned

    The site is really cool. The planet was superimposed with a 3x3 meter grid, and each square was given a three word designator (such as
    pool.dangerously.single), in this case, the area in front of the NYC Central Park Zoo.

    The cool thing is, word are easy to remember, so you can send the three words to a friend and the other person can then look up the location by clicking the link or typing in the words at W3W.

    I think this will become a very common and convenient way to send location information.


    I fine tuned the CSS a little and now all my masonry blocks are rendering correctly, and the page is now centered inside the browser view port.

    I love it when I make progress :-)


    Well, I finally figured out what I had to do to be able to edit my web site from work.

    I have to do everything through the cpanel but I can edit this micro-blog and the rest of the site just fine.



    I decided just now that I will keep the WordPress blog up, and use it mostly for the Molby name and Geneology research and documentation.

    This will work out because WordPress is a well known and documented blogging platform and CMS that will probably lend itself well for this purpose.

    However, for everything else, I want to continue to use this layout to be able to showcase my HTML, CSS, and JS skills.


    I decided to removed the bottom Google ad as it was not working for me, it was always popping UNDER the disclaimer block, and I could not for the world figure out why.

    So, after looking at it repeatedly I took the easy way out!

    GONE IT IS!!!


    I decided to move the domain parking blog post to the very top, in front of the FLAGcounter post. I really think this will make the posts flow better across the page!


    Alright, I finally got the CSS fine-tuned so the small Google ad looks alright and aligns correctly in the column structure of the micro-blog.


    Welcome “normal time”.

    I am glad we are back to normal time, and I wished we would stay on it as I do not think there is much point to daylight saving time anymore.

    Back during the industrial revolution when artificial lighting was expensive, it made sense. These days, with cheap electricity and energy efficient LED and low power devices, not so much!


    Gosh darn it, the fix for all the ad space issues was my script and ad blocking add-ons I use on my development PC to keep it clean and running fast.



    Now, I added a Google AdSense responsive ad just for testing, but it appears not to be working... again.

    Hmmm... So I moved this responsive ad to the bottom of the page, and it still does not work...



    Alright, I added a Google AdSense 200x200 ad just for testing, but it appears not to be working...

    I do not think there is anything wrong, it is displaying the alternate blank space.

    May need to change that in the ad control panel.


    I really like this micro blogging.

    Just open my text editor and type away a few lines and save. DONE.

    No tags, SEO, any of this junk. This may be the way to go for my personal site more so than here...


    I am not sure if I will even maintain the WordPress blog?

    I might actually re-do this entire site, potentially move all this custom stuff off to another host and create a purely WP driven site... HMMM... We shall see.


    I updated the blog about updating the front page.

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