Hosting Expired

Aopologies everyone.

Life got the better of me and I missed renewing my domain and hosting, so was offline for a week!

All back and working, so hope I didn’t mess you up to bad.

Changed advertising

Alright, I’ve been tweaking and tinkering with the ads on the blog and home page.

I was not happy with some of the ads coming up, especially the Anonymous Ads, so I added CoinURL ads, and I had to fix the old ads to point to their new domain at

I also changed the position of the ads to be less intrusive, and to blend better into the site and blog.

Lastly, I shortened the FlagCounter box from 60 to 30 flags displayed, which is plenty and yet small enough to not detract from the blog.

I feel this looks and performs better and I am happy.

AdBlock Detect

I noticed that my ads didn’t get many impressions, which is my revenue stream to fund the faucet, so I had no choice and install a AdBlock Detector and force everyone to turn off their blocker to use the faucet.

Unfortunately, right now this affects the entire blog, so everyone will have to turn the blocker off.

I will be looking into a better solution so I can turn AdBlock detection on for just the faucet.

However, I don’t have that many ads on my site, and I will try to keep the ads to a minimum so this should not be a problem anyway.

Major Faucet Traffic

I noticed a major increase in traffic to the bitcoin faucet these last 48 hours, so I decided to look at another revenue stream because the a-ads are not really generating much to speak of.

So I added to the site. It was initially a little bit of a challenge to get working, but now that I have it working the ads show up nicely.

Hopefully this one will pay something. I will keep an eye on it these next few days.

I just looked at my solve media account, and so far there hasn’t been any significant click thru rate on that, so I hope that in time as work of my faucet spreads, that I get some sort of income to replenish the faucet wallet

Faucet – First claims

I have had my first claims today from several countries. This is very exciting. As soon as my visitor counts go up some more, I should be able to see an increase in my ad revenue stream. Then the real story will emerge to tell me if I cam make money at this or not.

If I break even I will feel comfortable to continue to run this faucet.

Happy New Year 2017

Happy New Year.

I hope 2017 will bring all of us exciting experiences and a good life.

I see a lot of both bad and good things on the horizon. I don’t dwell on the bad but keep an eye on them, and try to focus on the good and fun.

Over the course of this year I hope to get some of the cognomen and genealogy information uploaded and available to all my fellow Mølbys.

Catch you soon.

Another faucet update

I increased the maximum claim amount to 1597 Satoshi after testing the faucet for a few days now and I think I can afford to have larger winning amounts. This automatically increases the chances of getting the former max of 987 Satoshi.

I have been claiming from two other faucets, and they are paying out about the same amounts as my faucet, so I assume they are running a similar script as I am.

Faucet update

Alright, I think the bitcoin faucet is not more or less running the way I want it to.

I have the claims working and have been claiming myself to see if it is all working the way it should.

The only thin I am waiting on is to reach the paid out threshold so I can test that part.

Other than that, it is working and I am adding useful information to the faucet page as I find good information on other faucets or bitcoin related sites.

Blog update

OKay, so yesterday I added a bitcoin faucet to this blog.

I am in the hopes that it will drive a bit of traffic here. It also diversifies what I do here, talking not only about the Molby family name, but also addressing news and issues I am interested in.

If you have not been following the news on bitcoin and don’t know what it is, you might want to do so, I think it is here to stay and will come into greater use soon.

Some portion of the more techie inclines part of the world population is using bitcoin on a daily basis, and a bitcoin faucet is a great way to get your first few fractions of a bitcoin to use.

Anyway, at another time I will elaborate a bit more on bitcoin and my interests revolving around bitcoin, but for now, just know my faucet it active and running.