A History of Bookmarks

Here you will find a history of my bookmarks. When I first got onto the internet back in 1997, I used Mosaic (yes, I just dated myself, I got onto the internet the day commercial service became available!). Shortly after that, I switched to Netscape Navigator, and I stuck with it until v4.5.1 when AOL bought out Netscape.

At this point the open source side of Netscape formed the Mozilla organization, and the code for the browser suite forked, with the open source eventually becoming SeaMonkey. I used this browser until Firefox came out, which I stuck with until Google released Chrome. I switched to Chrome as my primary browser until recently. I did dabble with Iron and Opera a bit while using Chrome, and now I use both Chrome and Firefox depending on the situation.

Every time I switched browsers, I imported the bookmarks into the next browser, so I have date stamped history of all my bookmarks since about June 2000, but those are spotty, my reliably time stamped bookmarks are from 2003 onward. My goal is to gradually check all the bookmarks, and if they still go to a valid destination, I will list the bookmark and talk about what I remember from back then.

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I also added a CoinURL ad, and I think I will be done with putting ads on this page.

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I worked on this page a little at work, fine tuning a few settings.

Then, tonight I added an A-ADs 200x200 ad, than you will see really close to this post.

I will keep adding a few ads here and there, but not too many, just enough to bring in a small income to maybe pay for the yearly hosting.


Alright, I made some more changes. Since I want to integrate my bookmarks with other interesting things I have discovered with my BitBin Throwback Work I have decided to change the format of this bookmarks page.

I will be using a full width content box for each day, and unfortunately on mobile devices, this will go off-screen, but there isn't much I can do to unify the data any better without making my life really hard and busy, so I will be keeping it simple for myself, and you will have to do a bit of scrolling.

If you don't like it, tough. Either move on and do not come back, or overlook this fact and enjoy my work.


Wow, I made some progress on this page!!!

I updated the text at the top of this page with revised date information, and I added all the year 2000 vintage bookmarks.

Now I am starting on the year 2002 and there are a lot of bookmarks so it will take me a couple of weeks to get this done I would think.


Yesterday at work I tweaked and tuned the front page, then this morning I added the one DIV tag I needed to make the same tweaks effective here.


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EoY 2005 - 2006

Well, this concludes 2004, let's see what I have for 2005!


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EoY 2004 - 2005

Well, this concludes 2004, let's see what I have for 2005!


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EoY 2003 - 2004

Well, this concludes 2003, let's see what I have for 2004!






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EoY 2002 - 2003

Well, this concludes 2002, let's see what I have for 2003!


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EoY 2001 - 2002

Well, this concludes 2001, let's see what I have for 2002!


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EoY 2000 - 2001

Well, this concludes 2000, let's see what I have for 2001!


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Mozilla Project - Dev Info - Latest Builds

This is a link to the nightly builds repository.

However, this appears to be defunct since 20151027, but I will keep it here for posterity.


Mozilla Project - Dev Info - Download Source Code

This link forwards to the Mozilla Developer Network (MDN).


Mozilla Project - Webtools - bugzilla - Bug-Tracking System

BugZilla is still alive and kicking.


Mozilla Project - Webtools - tinderbox - Tree Status

The server doesn't exist anymore and no forwards are set.


Mozilla Project - Webtools - bonsai - CVS Tree Control

The server doesn't exist anymore and no forwards are set.


Mozilla Project - Webtools - lxr - Mozilla Cross-Reference

The server doesn't exist anymore and no forwards are set.


Mozilla Project - Dev Info - User Interface - IBM Ease of Use Design

The server doesn't exist anymore and no forwards are set.

Mozilla Project - Dev Info - User Interface - KDE User Interface Guidelines

This link forwards to another page on KDE.ORG but doens't contain any information, but it looks like you can get to KDE UI info from other links offered.


Mozilla Project - Dev Info - User Interface - Macintosh Human Interface Guidelines

This page forwards to a 404 not found page.


Microsoft User Experience and Interface Design Resources

This forwards to MSDN UI site with a page not found.


Mozilla Project - Dev Info - Sources - RFC Archive

This site is still active!


I want to preface this next section with the fact that the next paragraph will also be the information header block paragraph for my pastebin contributions, so there will be a little duplication between what I have stated at the top of the page and here...


I decided to re-design something I used to do on the previous version of BitBin, before you had to register for monetizing the pastes, and what I am doing on the current BitBin version.

Back before registration, I would review and link-to interesting pastes if I thought them worthy of my (and your) time. Pastes that have good and useful information contained in them, whether they would be instructions or good quotes, etc.

Back then I had the reviews in order of me finding them, adding to an existing text file and pasting the entire thing every time!

Then I decided to switch the format up a little. Instead of having all the reviews in one single paste, I have been doing a review session every day that I have time to do so. I would create a new paste for each days findings, and organize the pastes by month based on their posting date, along with a master index.

As of late, there has been some unreliability of the pastes showing up in the latest pastes list, however, requiring me to re-paste the work - very annoying to say the least!

So, I thought, why not run my own pastebin?

After some testing and trying things for simplicity, I decided to go with ZeroBin. It requires no install if you are running at least a modern version of PHP, and it is zero knowledge, so I as the web master will be semi immune to knowing what is in the pastes unless someone makes the paste(s) public somewhere else.

I will continue to work with BitBin, as it is nice because it has the latest pastes feature, but my own content will mainly live here and on my own ZeroBin.

Finally, I've been wanting to go through my old bookmarks and pare them down so my browser doesn't take as long to start or sync the bookmarks, so I will be combining the efforts since they are essentially the same task.

With this said, this page/paste will serve as the index to all of my work.

You can go to my BitBin master index here and get to all my work there, or you can come to my bookmarks page here

Now, without further ado, all the interesting pastes and bookmarks you are looking for:

Date.Time.Zone               BitBin                     CoinURL              Description
20000615.1611.CDT ..........................  Mozilla Project - Getting Involved [This forwards to the Volunteer with Mozilla page or]
20000615.1602.CDT ..........................  World Wide Web Consortium [This is a link to one of the oldest web standards sites. I have been accessing their site ever since I was developing web sites, probably since about 1998, since W3C is older than that (see history) and I started coding web sites back in the early HTML 1.x days...]
20000615.1513.CDT .................... .......................... .................... Mozilla Project - Weekly Status Update [The above link generates a 404 not found error.]
20000615.1513.CDT ..........................  Mozilla Project - Feedback
20000615.1511.CDT ..........................  The Mozilla Organization [I think this is one of the original default bookmarks from the browser itself... What is amazing is that here it is 17 years later (as of Winter 2016/17), and the open source group is still around and kicking!]
Date.Time.Zone               BitBin                     CoinURL              Description
20000402.0200.CST .......................... Daylight Savings Start


It appears that my oldest bookmarks are from 2000. This would be 10 years before I married my current wife, and probably about 2 years into my failed relationship with my previous life partner - she screwed around on me.

I am better off now, I just wished I had not wasted almost 12 years of my life!!!

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